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Class Description

* symbol means beginner friendly class

Healing Hatha
Healing Hatha classes is great for both new students and experienced students. Hatha yoga allows you to hold the posture and breath into the physical movements. The Focus of this class is on cultivating awareness, creating a healthy physical body, and a sound calm mind.

Core Vinyasa Yoga
Intermediate to advanced level - A fun fusion class!  Cardio, strengthening, & stretching yoga poses and vinyasa flow using the breath.  This cleansing class will energize, strengthen muscles, detox, and improve circulation. Class ends with savasana (breathing & relaxation).  Modification offered to safely support you during this class. Leave feeling completely balanced - mind, body, and spirit.

Universal Vinyasa Yoga
Intermediate to advanced level . Be prepared to strengthen, sweat, tone, and flow in a  whole new way! Using a dynamic flow of yoga poses coordinated with breath your body and mind will be challenged. The flow focuses on moving 360 degrees around your mat and allows your mind and body to get out of auto-pilot mode. This is not your typical vinyasa. Get ready to take your practice up a level.

*Kundalini Yoga-Energy Rising
Energy rising yoga is an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices, incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality, increase consciousness and energize yourself for the whole day to come. All levels welcomed to participate.

*Lunchtime Vinyasa Flow/ Slow Vinyasa Flow
​​Beginner to Intermediate level class. Vinyasa flow is a dynamic breath-focused practice. Experience yogic movements that utilizes sun salutations to sequenced poses into a continuous flow. The focus of this class is to build inner heat as it develops strength and flexibility. Modification offered to support you safely during your practice. The result is improved balance, strength, and clarity.

*Gentle Yoga
All levels welcome. Gentle class is slower paced yoga making it accessible to students of all sizes, ages, and abilities. This class offers a balance of easeful movement, breath awareness and regulation, and conscious relaxation. Enjoy full body deep stretching with or without the assistance of props (blocks, bolsters, straps, and blankets).  Modifications will be given. Ends with a meditative savasana.  Leave feeling completely balanced- mind, body, and spirit.

*Alignment Yoga
Emphasis on careful alignment, breath/body awareness and gentle mat floor based flow. This class both challenges and supports students of all ages and experience. It is guided with careful cueing, helping each student to move with confidence and deepen their practice.  Props are encouraged, and modifications given allow everyone to leave the mat feeling both relaxed and renewed!

*Bo Yoga for Balance
Bo Yoga blends the best of yoga and tai chi using a Bo Yoga Staff as a unique prop. The Bo Yoga Staff is a stable and flexible prop which is used while stretching to improve alignment, leverage and stability. It is also used as a balancing tool for lower body exercises making Bo Yoga safer, easier and more effective than traditional methods. Bo Yoga is easy to learn and fun to practice. The benefits are long lasting, leading to better health, more energy and a higher quality of life.

*Qi-Gong Energy Cleanse Class
This healing class is a fusion on Ying and Yang principals, Ayurveda, and ancient Asian philosophy. It will consist of gentle stretching and movement, Qi- gong, energy accumulation, Ayurvedic stress relief techniques, meditation, and deep breathing. Ancient Asian practitioners used this technique to move Qi (energy) to create optimal energetic flow in our bodies. Restore your inner balance and feel lighter. The class ends with Savasana (breathing and meditative relaxation).  All levels welcomed. Leave feeling completely balanced- mind, body, and spirit.

*Relaxing Restorative Yoga
A relaxing restorative yoga class. You will be guided into deep breathing & gentle yoga poses to release tension, stress, and to open and restore the body. These poses are fully supported by blankets and pillows. Restorative yoga is adapted to accommodate any age, body type and physical condition. Allow your body to unwind naturally in a relaxing atmosphere while using essential oils and candlelight to promote peace and ease in your body and mind.

*Breathing & Meditation
Modern science is finally proving what yogis have known for thousands of years: that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, helps increase attention span and promotes emotional health.  Learn simple meditation techniques to achieve a calmer, quieter and more peaceful mind. Using tools such as guided relaxation, focused breath-work, mindfulness and visualization, we discover the stillness and peace that resides within. All levels welcome. No experience necessary. ​